Aaron Yavelberg is, in no particular order, a father, husband, son, brother, cousin, friend and social worker. He will always be a Chicago sports fan and will do everything in his power to keep his son from becoming a New York fan (the Cubs finally pulling through in 2016 has helped). Aaron lives in Queens, New York, with his wife, son and daughter and is becoming increasingly more adept at staying in bed at night, despite his children’s best efforts to continue interrupting his sleep patterns. In addition to his personal blog, Aaron has contributed to Dad’s Round Table, Life of Dad, the Huffington Post and City Dads Group.  You can follow Aaron on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Feel free to email Aaron with comments, suggestions for future posts, or anything else on your mind using the form below or by writing to sleepingonedge@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!

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