I don’t talk a lot.

I’m sure there are people who would disagree with that statement. For example, some of my clients don’t talk much either, which means I end up having to say a lot more to get the information I’m after. But that’s not to say I’m necessarily a quiet person. Anyone who has ever watched a Chicago sports game with me will tell you that I am particularly skilled in yelling at the television or making obnoxious comments about officiating (one of my father’s favorite baseball moments involves one particular remark I made at an Orioles game we attended with my brothers). 

But in general, I don’t tend to talk very much.

Part of the reason is that I’ve always felt more comfortable listening than talking. I enjoy gathering information. I enjoy listening to other people’s opinions. Most of all, I enjoy hearing about other people’s lives (which is good, considering I became a social worker). People are interesting. Why do people love eavesdropping so much? Why do people sit in malls or parks and just watched the people around them? Why do people play that game at restaurants where you look around at the other diners and make up background stories for them? (Incidentally, if you haven’t done these things, you should try them sometime.) Why do media outlets make millions of dollars following celebrities, regardless of their levels of fame? Why does a magazine with the name “People” have over 45 million readers? Because people are interesting.

Now, the real question you’re asking is, if I don’t talk much, why am I starting a blog?

This brings us to the purpose of this blog and the types of entries you can expect to read. First of all, I’m a sports fan. I was born in Chicago so I bleed Cubbie blue, Bear Down, run with the Bulls and commit to the Indian (and the White Sox are fine in a pinch). There will be a healthy dose of sports entries, both Chicago-related and otherwise. When my wife, Trudy, first suggested I start a blog, it was because of a conversation we had related to sports.* I’m also a somewhat-recent father. My son, Eitan, will be having his first birthday in June, which is unbelievable since I could swear we just came home from the hospital last week. I’m sure my son will make quite a few appearances, in addition to entries about my journey learning about what it means to raise a child. There will also be various miscellaneous entries about things I come across in life, somewhat like Seinfeld, except without the whiny voice and bright white sneakers. Finally, especially since it was her idea, Trudy will be involved in this project, as well. I’m going to leave it up to her to decide what she wants to write about and how often, although I will say that she suggested she may write about cooking and baking to at least some degree.

I think that’s pretty much it. I’m hoping to put up new entries at least two or three times per week, but we’ll see how things go. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for topics below.
Thanks for reading!

*Actually, it was right after NBA center Jason Collins announced that he was gay, so it was technically more about equality and our society’s attitude towards homosexuality than it was about sports (and this whole thing will almost definitely come up in a later entry). But it was still about sports.

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    • Even though we’re all “adultish,” I’d rather not post it. Not sure what I’m afraid of, but still. I’ll simply say it had to do with an activity generally assumed to be done on one’s knees and the umpires messing up the game. The remark itself was a pun. Hopefully those hints help you get a good enough idea.


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